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Carlo of Hollywood Stallion Partner



As you may be aware, we’re major collectors of Carlo of Hollywood watercolors.  One of our favorite pieces is our large Stallion watercolor.


This is one of the two smaller ones that would have been part of this 3 piece set. When Carlo watercolor paintings were sold, they were usually in pairs or sets of three. In the case of this stallion set, there is one large one and two smaller ones. Usually, one of the smaller ones would be almost a duplicate of the larger one.


This one has some character, but it may just be dirt under the glass. I’ll have to take it apart and clean it up!


We just love the bold imagery of these pieces.  We of course, love the forced perspective/angular frames.


We decided to hang them above our fireplace.


Hopefully, one day we’ll locate the other smaller Carlo.


As always, we hope to enjoy these for years to come.

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